About Estes Media


Founded by Best Friends.
Committed to Being Yours.

We’re a digital marketing and advertising agency focused on helping brands scale their digital strategies through data insight and unique creative strategies.

That’s the pitch to our clients, anyways.

To those who know and work with us, we (Joshua and Andrew) have been best friends since we became next door neighbors in 1999. That hometown, familial, easygoing chemistry that’s helped fuel our success as partners is exactly the atmosphere we strive to create in our company.

Meet Your Superheroes

Joshua Estes - Partner/Founder

Joshua Estes is a proud carnivore (not sure he’s ever eaten a salad in his life TBH), an avid guitar player, and a stand-up wannabe. When he’s not helping brands scale their marketing efforts, he is usually acting as his own best audience. He’s funny, just ask him!


Seriously, Josh is the always-on, encyclopedic leader of Estes Media, as well as a passionate weekend photographer. He’s also an expecting father! 


(Some could argue that his border collie Cannon has made him a pup parent for years……. “some” would be Josh).


More than anything, Joshua is a Braves diehard and a homegrown Atlanta fella who’s still upset Waffle House hasn’t invaded the northeast and often has to explain that, no, “shooting the Hooch” is not code for a serious drug problem.


Monty Python & The Holy Grail


Playing guitar (even when no one asks)


Eats too many bananas on Zoom calls

Andrew Stamm - Partner/Head of Creative

Andrew Stamm is Estes Media’s creative mastermind (he paid us $20 to let him use that word) and a self-proclaimed movie aficionado. When he’s not watching some weird Italian horror film you don’t care about, he spends his time freelancing as a script writer and baking in his small central-London kitchen.


Andrew married a Scottish woman 4 years ago and now insists on everything being tartan. He’s mildly obsessed with his Nova Scotia Duck Toller Golden Retriever, the most obnoxious breed name of all time (but she is hella cute).


Andrew lives in London and sometimes says things like “wee” and “jumper,” which we punish him for greatly.


And he did work on a lot of big Marvel movies, which is cool, just don’t let him know you think so.


Children of Men




“Did I ever tell you about the time I worked on the Avengers movies?”