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Advertising Expertise

Estes Media is a leading advertising agency focused on driving lead generation, sales, and business growth through search, display, and social media platforms and services. No matter what the needs of your business may be – increasing revenue, brand awareness or funneling targeted leads through search or social media channels – we provide thoughtful, personalized advertising services that help B2B and B2C companies reach their goals.

Digital Ad Agency Expertise Jersey City NJ

Across industries, digital advertising has become an integral part of businesses’ larger digital marketing efforts and pose massive potential for growth. Knowing how to maximize conversions for a strong Customer Acquisition Cost that leads to fantastic ROIs, as well as understanding and adapting to ever-evolving rules and algorithms, requires a professional team who has their finger on the pulse of each platform to accurately inform, engage, and ultimately convert your ideal target audience. 


Estes Media has the unique technological and analytical insight required, of course. But beyond that, we have a unique team of creatives who produce high-converting, top quality content in-house. Our unique creative expertise ensures content is engaging, authentic, and on-brand. Combine those ingredients with our battle-tested playbook of best digital advertising practices and what you’ve got is a superhero social media squad ready to take your business to the next level.

Our Unique Advertising Strategy

Applying B2B digital marketing strategies to B2C advertising has been a revelatory and subversive game-changer that’s already proven itself with our clients. See how our digital marketing mantras have already shown incredible ROI and faster scalability with B2C advertising clients.


Understanding Your Audience

“Answering Customers’ Questions” is our leading business mantra. It’s a form of strategy development we like to think of as a game of Jeopardy: start by establishing the answers your customers are seeking then work backwards to identify the most common questions that will bring them to those answers.
Traditionally this is considered a marketing strategy, but the same subversive tactics apply to advertising. What do your customers need? How will they find it? What platforms are they using to search for those solutions? Which platforms are they using in their own free time?


Target Audience

All of this boils down to developing an ideal target audience to create the most effective and high-converting content catered specifically to them. And that process is greatly informed by the development of customer personas, or a representation of key traits of large segments of your audience. Effective campaigns utilize various messaging for each audience.
Estes Media applies all of these thoughtful practices and more to our advertising strategies, and it’s already proven an effective way for our clients to increase sales, brand awareness, and lead generation. We perform regular A/B tests of audiences and include creatives on all copy and content creation to produce ads with low customer acquisition costs and high ROI.

Top-to-Bottom Creative Capabilities

Estes Media’s unique advantage is our completely in-house campaign creative capabilities. From creative development, copywriting, photography, videography, and editing, we have the unique resources to provide end-to-end advertising campaign services to suit ideas of any scale. Our team’s dimensional, cross-industry creative experience means your campaigns will have a thoughtful spin that stands out from the crowd.

Platform Agnostic

We’ve created successful ads across the entire gamut of advertising platforms, including Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and direct. Each platform has a unique way of both reaching and targeting audiences, as well as its own advantages and pitfalls. Thanks to our work across industries and platforms, we have an established and ever-evolving playbook to help businesses find success on any or all platforms best suited to their audiences.

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Top Advertising Services & Solutions

Digital Ad Strategy

Advertising often spans multiple channels, from emails and display ads to PPC campaigns and social media advertising. We’ll create a personalized and comprehensive advertising strategy for you that helps you better understand your target audience and create high-converting paid content targeted specifically to them on their optimal channels.

Ad Types and Design

Ads come in all shapes and sizes, both in terms of where they’re seen and how they’re designed. Our deep comprehension of imagery, video, banners, pop-ups, landing pages, copy, lead generation forms, and CTAs have comprised a battle-tested playbook that keeps customer acquisition costs low and ROI high.

Ad Targeting

Understanding your ideal audience is crucial in producing content that attracts, engages, and converts them. From behavioural and buying patterns to geographic location and demographics, we have the insight and understanding to target precisely who your business wants to attract.

Ad Analysis

Our expertise, combined with our industry-leading analytic tools, provide a vast array of metrics to help us test and optimize advertising campaigns across channels. These tools allow us to determine both the efficacy of the targeting and the content’s level of engagement, as well as back-end calculations like ROI, return on ad spend, and lifetime customer value.

A/B Testing

Providing different visitors with variants of the same page or content is a common business practice called A/B testing, a tactic we’ve fine-tuned to help identify and solve visitor pain points, reduce bounce rates, and make more conversions for less money. This is a strategy we’ll employ across your campaign to ensure we’re offering the most effective and high-converting content to the most suitable audience.

E-Commerce Expertise

There’s a reason our B2C clients continue to up our PPC contracts: on average, they see 2x or 3x return on ad spend for the digital advertising campaigns we’ve managed. Our creative, boundary-pushing, and attention-grabbing campaigns help your product stand out within a crowded market.


By using data-driven targeting and retargeting techniques and employing a battle-tested playbook of best practices across Google, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, and other key platform, we’re able to help SMB grow and scale in record time. The only issue you’ll need to worry about is having enough inventory to sell.

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