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Estes Media is a leading content creation and copywriting agency focused on the development, creation, and implementation of engaging content that answers customers’ questions. 


From web pages to blog posts, case studies to sales support materials, our attractive, intelligent, and personable content increases traffic, leads, and overall brand awareness.


Our dynamite team of copywriting experts and researchers work closely with your team to create compelling, on-brand content that attracts, engages and converts your ideal customers. 

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Driving traffic starts with improving SEO. This is rarely a marketer’s favorite part of the job. It’s a bit like eating vegetables. It’s also challenging to allot adequate time for something, especially given that leadership often wants proven results . . . yesterday.



So, how do you begin? Improving SEO starts with creating compelling content that reaches a high intent audience (learn more about creating compelling content here), and there is nothing more compelling or interesting to your audience than the answers to their questions! 

Great Content Improves the Customer Value Journey

Winning companies answer more of their customer’s questions before the first call. In fact, 70% of the buyer’s journey is complete before a buyer even reaches out to a company. On average, visitors read 15 or more pieces of content on their problem before ever reaching out. (SiriusDecisions)

B2B Content Strategy

In content and in life, the best results are a product of thoughtful strategy. That’s why our experts work carefully with your team to create a project-specific calendar and content outline detailing every topic, subtopic, writer, editor, draft schedule, keyword, and publish date. It’s a proven battle plan that ensures transparency, collaboration, and, most importantly, accurate and effective content that converts.


Copywriting Services That Scale

Website copy is the most important element of your website.
It’s what attracts, engages, educates, and converts visitors. Your website, after all, is the face of your business and your digital sales rep. It answers your target customers’ questions and convinces them to engage with your business. Content that’s not just compelling and engaging but targets customers at their moment of intent while ranking in the top of search results is imperative for your business, and our professional copywriting services help you scale these efforts. 
Check out the industry leading movement helping brands maximize their website copy. The heart of all website copy should Answer Your Customers Questions – learn more about our methodology here.


Website Copywriting Services

We offer scalable copywriting service plans designed specifically for your business. All of our copywriting services include search engine optimization (SEO) management, ensuring your content attracts the right audience.  
Curious to learn more about our prices and process?  View our pricing below.


SEO Copywriting Services

Take your website from unranked to top ranked, all while increasing traffic and conversions, through our SEO copywriting services.  This service is best for companies that want to polish and update their existing copy so it can better rank for their ideal customer personas . . . and beat their competitors.

Blog/Webpage Copywriting Services

We’re proudly original, and so is our content. Creating new blog posts, articles, or website copy from scratch is one of our many specialities. Our experts work closely with yours – conducting information-driven interviews with key stakeholders, collaborating on effective topics and ideas, researching targeted and high-intent keyphrases – to ensure your content hits all of your brand’s tonal and audience targets.


Website Rewrite

Does your copy need a facelift? Our copywriting pros make it their mission to revise, refresh, and optimize existing copy that maintains your brand’s voice and gives your digital presence a broad boost.

Competitor Keyword Research

Case Study Development

One of the most powerful trust elements any business can offer their customers and advertise on their website is a case study. We’ll conduct efficient and incisive interviews with your clients to extract key metrics, results, and testimonials that establish you as an industry leader. From there, our professionals create comprehensive overviews of your client relationships that showcase your greatest strengths and services.

Sales One Pager

Content creation isn’t necessarily web exclusive. We also create helpful one pagers to use as sales tools that can help your business establish trust and awareness at the onset of a client relationship. Our copywriting experts and design professionals produce beautiful, informative documents that will help bring more business through your doors.

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