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Who Needs a Construction Company Digital Marketing Agency?

According to Google, companies that have built a solid SEO and digital marketing strategy achieve 2.8 times higher growth expectancy than those that don’t.  And those that use content marketing? 3.3 times more likely to increase their workforce and business.


Construction is an industry whose handshakes and personal relationships have been the majority of its business development efforts. However, for the most successful firms, this has been changing to include a more targeted and sophisticated account-based digital marketing approach.


Commercial construction is one of the nation’s largest industries with $1 .3 trillion worth of structures developed every year.  With that much money value floating around, it’s an extremely competitive marketplace and top contracting firms have modernized their strategies to stay ahead.


There are over 700,000 different construction companies in the U.S. today (Statista). If your company doesn’t have a solid digital marketing strategy in place today, how can you stand out?

Been There, Crushed That

Commercial Construction Marketing: A Success Story

“Estes Media has been essential to developing our sales and marketing plans. Whether that’s CRM, a new website, SEO, advertising, or a new content strategy, they have up-leveled us from a ‘D’ to an ‘A’.”


-Dan Simpson, EVP Simpson Unlimited


What's the Commercial Construction Marketing Secret Sauce?

Hard work and recognizing that you are the construction experts and we are the construction marketing experts! We’ve built our business by scaling the marketing efforts of some of the nation’s largest commercial and industrial construction contractors.


We are a full-service digital marketing agency helping construction companies scale their sales and marketing channels by answering their customer’s questions with quality content, advertising, and local SEO. We’ve bolstered the digital presence of commercial construction companies across the nation. From roofing to paving, industrial demolition to electrical engineering, there’s no niche of the commercial construction industry we don’t service.

Build Trust and Generate Leads

Challenges and Considerations

``On Time, On Budget`` Is Not a Marketing Strategy

We have seen hundreds of firms use this as their construction marketing statement or brand promise, and the sad truth is, it’s far from the unique identifier everyone says it is. Being on-time and on-budget should be an unspoken understanding. What is your company doing to go above and beyond baseline expectations? How will you do more and better?

Set RFPs, Don't Answer Them

The best commercial construction marketing strategies set the RFPs rather than being ruled by them. Your marketing strategy shouldn’t be the cheapest option; if that’s your pitch, you’re fighting the wrong battle.

From Hand Shakes to Digital Technology

We understand commercial construction is an industry run by hand-shakes and in-person meetups. But it’s more important than ever to consider your digital presence as an equally important sales tool. A salesperson can only make so many calls in a day; there’s no limit to the number of people your website can reach.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

A strategy designed to help construction companies market directly to the clients you want. ABM means selecting 100-200 companies you want to target and creating marketing strategies that directly target the right people at those companies.

What's the Deal?

Your website will be most customers’ very first impression of your company, so it’s crucial that it accurately establishes your reputation from the word “go.” It’s not about trying to be the cheapest or the fastest; it’s about expressing that you’re the best.


Your homepage should feature quality case studies that convey the unique advantages of working with your company. 


Your construction marketing efforts should all be focussed on long-term and short-term ROI.


With Estes Media’s help, we can help conceptualize and implement online advertising and marketing strategies that are proven to make your phone ring.

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