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FAVORITE MOVIE: Monty Python and the Holy Grail


HOBBY: Playing guitar (even when no one asks)


MOST ANNOYING THING ABOUT ME: Eats too many bananas on Zoom calls


Joshua Estes is a proud carnivore (not sure he’s ever eaten a salad in his life TBH), an avid guitar player, and a stand-up wannabe. When he’s not helping brands scale their marketing efforts, he is usually acting as his own best audience. He’s funny, just ask him!


Seriously, Josh is the always-on, encyclopedic leader of Estes Media, as well as a passionate weekend photographer. He’s also an expecting father! 


(Some could argue that his border collie Cannon has made him a pup parent for years……. “some” would be Josh).


More than anything, Joshua is a Braves diehard and a homegrown Atlanta fella who’s still upset Waffle House hasn’t invaded the northeast and often has to explain that, no, “shooting the Hooch” is not code for a serious drug problem.